WorldCon Final Schedule

Only one more sleep, and I am headed for London, England for the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, Loncon 3

I am looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones–I started my WorldCon streak in the British Isles, so it is great to be back. I am moderating one panel on Thursday, and am on another one on Monday, neatly ensuring I stay at the Convention for the whole duration–as if I was not going to do that anyways! I also have a shift at Registration on Thursday, so if you are headed to the WorldCon, drop by and say hi.

My final schedule for Loncon 3 is:

Hard Right

Thursday 20:00 – 21:00, Capital Suite 13 (ExCeL)

Hard science fiction is at its core dependent not on science, but on a world with inviolate rules. These rules can manifest as scientific realities or social constructs, but either way, these kinds of stories are often predicated on solving problems, or not, in the face of tradition. Science fiction critic Paul Kincaid has argued (here) this idea is very similar to the worldview of conservative ideologies. While hard sf is not the domain of right wing authors, is there a link between the two? Is that link historical or fundamental?

Neyir Cenk Gokce (M), Charles E. Gannon, Alison Sinclair, Jaine Fenn, Jack William Bell

Pew Pew! Where Have the Lasers Gone?

Monday 10:00 – 11:00

When was the last time you read a science fiction novel with lasers? Everything is flachettes and high explosive rounds. Do we blame William Gibson or has the technology of laser guns been debunked to the point that GI Joe and Cobra’s inability to actually kill one another has finally been explained? Is there still a place in science fiction for the obviously impossible and/or impractical?

Tom Becker (M), Gillian Clinton, Rachel Erickson, Neyir Cenk Gokce, Ann Leckie

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