Genk Gokce

Welcome to my pied-à-terre on the web.

I am a speculative fiction writer, with a penchant for writing novelette to novella length stories, primarily in the science-fiction genre, with a few tentative forays into humorous fantasy. I also have a number of novel projects in progress, hoping that my inability to write stories shorter than 7000 words will one day be my salvation.

I am fascinated by old school science fiction ideas, such as colonization of new planets, first contact, and a brighter future for humanity, tempered with large dollops of realism. While utopias may not be places any sane person would want to live in, I do not envision the future as nothing but a series of dystopias either. I suppose I still have faith in the ability of humans to rise above their differences and difficulties and make a better tomorrow for those who will come after us.